The Start Of Something New

Hi all,

To start, I need to go back 8 months – last May. I was a recent graduate from a reputable school and was oblivious to how the real world operated. I had little understanding of real value or tangible skills, but somehow I felt that I was entitled to a professional position that would boost me to the upper class; however, little by little the truth has unraveled. The truth that I have yet to lay the foundation of skill, integrity, and leadership that will launch me to the career I want, prepare me for the relationship I desire, and shape me into the man who I wish to become.

Due to this realization, I’ve decided to wipe the slate clean and to start fresh this new year, 2016.

This blog is about my New Start.

I believe that there are many people my age who are longing to do and be more, and I want this blog to shed light on how quickly one can change their trajectory with the right tools, mindset, and strategy!

So, join me as I implement new strategies for career, physical, emotional, and spiritual growth and reshape my lifestyle design! The posts following will focus on specific goals of mine and the best methods that I’ve stumbled on to accomplish these aims.

Lets get started!