Chicago Marathon

October 9th, 2016 is coming up quick….

We are 62 day out until the Chicago Marathon and it’s almost time to cross this one off the bucket list.

Currently, I’m up to 5 miles a day at a rough 8:45 pace. I have to continue to bump up the milage over these next 2 months and then we should be smooth sailing.

For anyone who’s not a big runner, I assure you this choice will have a colossal impact on your life, energy, mood, and cognitive ability. I have noticed a significant difference in my quality of sleep, my energy level throughout the day, and my mental sharpness when confronting problems at work. Running has never been a passion of mine; however, I truly believe that if you push past the initial struggle to run 1-3 mile and become comfortable running beyond that capacity, you will become addicted to the benefits that it will provide…. and who knows, you might end up actually enjoying runs too 🙂

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